Presentation of the VIIIth International Congress for Victims of Terrorism (CIVT)


International Congress for Victims of Terrorism

In 2004, the Foundation of San Paolo University CEU and the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism (Spain) organized the first ever International Congress for Victims of Terrorism in Madrid. The main objective was to recognise the strength of victims of terrorism, which is often forgotten. This congress has been held seven times: in Madrid (Spain, 2004), in Bogota (Colombia, 2005), in Valencia (Spain, 2006), again in Madrid (Spain, 2008), in Medellin (Colombia, 2009), Salamanca (Spain, 2010) and Paris (France, 2011). More than 2,500 victims of terrorism have taken part in these conferences, from different countries including Algeria, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Spain, United States, France, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Peru, United Kingdom, Russia, Rwanda and Uruguay,…

For the second time, the French Association for Victims of Terrorism (AfVT) is organizing this event.

The VIII International Congress for Victims of Terrorism (CIVT) will be held in Nice (France) on November 21st – 23rd 2019, in partnership with the City of Nice, under the High Patronage of Mr Emmanuel Macron, President of the French Republic.



From Thursday, November 21st (mid-day) to Saturday, November 23rd (mid-day), with a full day of work on Friday, November 22nd

Conferences – Word of Victims – Expert Opinion – Round Tables – Screenings – Cultural Events

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CONGRESS’ GOALS To make the voice of the victims heard

The congress will be a moment where victims and experts from all around the world will meet and gather to make propositions and be in a positive attitude toward reconstruction

HELP victims of terrorism around the world to make their voices heard and to express their opinions to civil society, public authorities, institutions and media;

RAISING AWARENESS of national, local and international public authorities to the cause and needs of victims of terrorism in the emergency and in the long term;

DEVELOP local, national and international networks of victims of terrorism and enable them to share their experiences.



  • Evolution of the terrorist threat and international cooperation in the fight against terrorism
  • Effectiveness of international collaboration and states responsibility in the care of victims: justice and compensation / victim recognition and memory
  • The involvement of local authorities in victims’ accompaniment
  • The role of victims in preventing radicalization
  • Specific support of child victims of terrorism
  • Specific support for first responders


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A propos de l’AFVT

La vocation de l’Association française des Victimes du Terrorisme est d’agir au plus près des victimes du terrorisme pour accompagner leur travail de guérison, de reconnaissance, de vérité, de deuil et de mémoire tout en soutenant la lutte contre la banalisation de la violence et la barbarie.


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